Where is the cloud located ?

The cloud is in buildings with certain characteristics, sensitive and highly secure

By Saudi hands

Our programming team works by Saudi hands

Our cloud systems

Hello, we specialize in creating and innovating cloud systems with high professionalism and the latest programming technologies.

About and electronic invoice

Developers and technologies

Electronic invoice

Our programmers work in several languages such as:
And other languages if the projects requires it. .

  • Feasibility study Analytics
  • Design Database layout
  • Implementation Test
  • Maintenance Valuation

Verification and compliance with the General Authority of Zakat and Income Certified

  • First stage 2021
  • 2023, the second stage (linking with the General Authority for Zakat and Income)
  • Our services

    GUG Network team

    Data network and IP systems

    Establishing or developing the local or wide network helps to raise the facility’s performance rate by using the latest tools that help speed up the analysis and performance of data

    GUG security team

    Protection systems

    Helping to protect cars, offices, homes, and other buildings against theft, the alarm has many uses Where alarms can be used to warn of fires, disasters, and others

    GUG System's & Software team

    Programming and systems

    The GUG team developed systems to meet the needs of the Saudi and international market and deal with them smoothly and easily under one platform, in addition to creating and designing websites in all its forms.

    GUG App Dev team

    Mobile apps

    Creation and development of mobile applications (iPhone(IOS) and Android)

    GUG Devices

    Devices and hardware

    Our organization provides all kinds of equipment to fully meet the needs of the facilities

    GUG Technical Support team

    24/7 technical support

    Continuous technical support on all our channels

    GUG FAQs

    Contact us or send us your information, and we will contact you and select the required product, and the subscription will be activated directly

    In the event that the malfunction is from the system, the technical support department is notified and the problem is solved directly, and in the event that the malfunction is from one of the devices related to our organization, a ticket is opened to send our technician, and in the event that one of the devices is not related to our organization, a paid ticket is opened to send the technician

    Glory United Gulf provides all kinds of devices, computers, printers, POS and hardware in general, with warranty and technical support.

    First, all databases are not available to customers for more information security. In the event that the data was deleted by one of the employees, God forbid, by mistake, first, the work on the system is completely stopped, and we are informed immediately to retrieve the last copy that was saved with us and recover the entire data without any problems.

    What systems We have in (GUG)

    Our systems have been created and developed, and all of our systems have been built from scratch and established within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we are proud that it was done by [the hands of Saudi and Arab programmers]

    Our systems cover more than 10 sectors in various fields, the most important of which are:
    Sales System - POS -
    Human Resources System - HR -
    Inventory Management System - WMS -
    Hospital management system or medical sectors - HMS -

    Flexibility and ease of use

    All systems have been established with the latest approved technologies in order to deal with them in a smooth, flexible, safer and more stable manner

    All systems have been integrated under one platform, and updates are sent periodically, and you can view them from the main screen, the details of the updates

    Access to the public system

    can be logged into www.e.int1.org

    You can use the facility code

    In the event of any problems related to logging in, you can directly contact us 00966569004247

    Offering a better future, for you and your business

    You can book an appointment with us - or book your trial copy

    Feel free to ask us about the details ❤️🌹

    You can do much more with your team than you can do alone

    Our team

    ENG. Saud Al-ali

    General manager

    ENG. Majd BN Hmoud

    Head of Planning and Development Department

    ENG. Sami Alhawshabi

    Software team leader

    ENG. Saeed Ahmad

    Algorithms developer

    System pricing table

    POS - Point Of Sale

    Starting from 1299 SAR
    Only for the first year
    For all sector

    1. Online system
    2. full access
    3. Permissions control
    4. Control Panel
    5. All types of contracts
    6. Multi user
    7. Free domain
    8. Technical Support
    9. Regular updates
    10. Possibility to add reports
    11. Possibility of linking branches
    12. Access from anywhere
    13. permanent backups
    14. Linking with all government agencies
    top sale

    HR - Human Resources

    Starting from 2899 SAR
    Only for the first year
    For all sector

    1. Online System
    2. Full Access
    3. Control Panel
    4. Career ladder management
    5. Screen for employees
    6. Management screen
    7. The ability to add reports
    8. The ability to link branches
    9. Free Domain
    10. Unlimited Technical Support
    11. An integrated career ladder
    12. Periodic updates
    13. Permanent backup
    14. Linking with all government agencies

    HMS - Hospital & medical center management System

    Starting from 8999 SAR
    For all sector

    1. Online System
    2. Full Access
    3. Control Panel
    4. Screen for employees
    5. Management screen
    6. Screen for medical staff
    7. The ability to add reports
    8. The ability to link branches
    9. Free Domain
    10. Unlimited Technical Support
    11. Periodic updates
    12. Permanent backup
    13. Linking with all government agencies

    Our clients

    +149 POS Customer , +149 عميل لنظام المبيعات

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